525 Early Graduation Requirements

Generally, students will be required to complete the necessary course work and graduate from high school at the end of grade twelve (12). Students may graduate prior to this time if they meet the minimum graduation requirements stated in the Board Policy. A student who graduates early will no longer be considered a student and will become an alumnus of the District. 

As a general practice, a student must formally apply to the school board for permission to graduate early/before their class at least (1) semester in advance of the student’s desired final year.

Students should receive written approval from the secondary school guidance counselor, high school principal, and superintendent before making written application to the school board. The board may require the student and his/her parent/guardians to meet with them before the board acts on the request.

Students and his/her parents/guardians who do choose early graduation must also agree to the following:

  1. You must complete or show evidence of completing all graduation requirements as prescribed by the board before being recommended for early graduation.
  2. You must have the counselor approve your credits and then present written documentation to the administration that you have successfully completed the credits required.
  3. With your early graduation, you will lose the right to participate in all school/class activities.
  4. Early graduates may elect to return and participate in the graduation exercises, complete with cap and gown, and presentation of diploma. Although the individual’s records will show the actual date of graduation, the diploma will not be awarded until the graduation of the entire class.