558 Retention and Promotion

The District recognizes that not all students grow and develop at the same rate and that some students may need more time at a particular level.  Whenever a student at any grade level from kindergarten through fifth grade is not achieving up to expectation, the professional staff and parent/guardian shall consider retention.

Generally, retention is more appropriate at lower grade levels; however, retention in any grade through grade five (5) is acceptable if done in the best interest of the student.  In all cases, parent/guardian(s) and staff should work together in reaching a decision.

In rare instances, it may be in a student’s best interest to promote or “skip” the student over a grade. This should only be done after extensive evaluation and consultation with all concerned.

Retention and promotion shall be carried out according to rules and regulations set forth in this policy.

558.1 Retention and Promotion Regulations

The following are rules and regulations that shall govern the procedures under which administrators, teachers and any other staff personnel concerned with retention and promotion shall operate:

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

A. Criteria to be Considered

  1. Academic Achievement;
  2. Intellectual Ability;
  3. Social Maturity;
  4. Emotional Maturity;
  5. Physical Development;
  6. Chronological Age;
  7. Language Development; and
  8. Attendance.

B. Procedures

  1. The classroom teacher will inform the principal/designee of his/her intent to discuss retention/promotion with parents/guardians before the parents/guardians are approached.
  2. The classroom teacher will hold a face-to-face conference with the parents/ guardians to initiate the possibility of retention/promotion.
  3. If possible, initial discussions with parents/guardians regarding retention/promotion should take place during the first semester.
  4. The parents/guardians and teacher should consider the student’s attitude regarding retention/promotion before the final decision is made.
  5. Parents/guardians and staff should strive to make a final decision by the end of the third quarter, but in no case later than the last school day of the year.
  6. The classroom teacher, parents/guardians, and principal/designee shall reach a joint decision regarding retention/promotion of the student. However, in the event of a disagreement, the parents/guardians shall have the final decision regarding retention since they have ultimate responsibility for their student’s education.
  7. Students shall not be retained more than one time during their school experience.
  8. The classroom teacher’s recommendation to retain a student shall be placed in writing in the student’s cumulative record regardless of the final decision. This written record shall list the reasons for the recommendation. This written recommendation will remain a part of the cumulative record but will not be a part of the permanent record. The parents/guardians’ signature to indicate they have seen the written recommendation shall be incorporated into the record.

Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade

A. Criteria to be Considered

  1. Academic Achievement
  2. Intellectual Ability
  3. Social Maturity
  4. Emotional Maturity
  5. Physical Development
  6. Chronological Age
  7. Language Development
  8. Attendance
  9. Failure to successfully complete the Central Decatur Community School District Success Program.

B. Procedures

  1. The Success Program will be the first step in the retention procedure. Students who fail to complete the Success Program will be required to take the courses failed during the next school year.
  2. If more than two (2) courses are failed after completing the Summer Success Program, a meeting to discuss full-grade retention will be held between the parent/guardians and the building principal.
  3. The parent/guardians and the building principal will reach a joint decision regarding retention of the student. However, in the event of a disagreement, the parent/guardians shall have the final decision regarding the grade level placement of the students. Students will be required to repeat course work failed in the previous school year prior to being promoted to course work at the next grade level. 
  4. All eighth (8th) grade course work must be completed at a passing level before students can enroll in that subject area at the Central Decatur Community School District High School.
  5. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent, along with the middle school and high school principals, to develop the Success Program.